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    Nashville, Cashville, Nashvegas, Music City, Home. In a world of misfortune and fame, Nashville continues to be a singer/song writers healing medicine and haven. Tennessee  houses the Queen of Disco, the King of Rock and Roll, the founders of many music genres, and sad glazed over Disney stars.  Yet,  families and strong relationships are the ones who will build this city back up from the ground. The famous year 2010 has proven to be the age where nature rebels from his mother. When the flood hit our small community of Bellevue (Nashville) there was an ebb and flow within the young men who were rescuing woman and children stranded at the second floor of thier river front house. Though fear struck the eyes of everyone near, a bond of focused blood collided with ideas sent from God. This collision caused sparks of energy to men and woman who felt called to decrease the chaos and lend a helping hand. In our community of Bellevue, house began to catch on fire due to electrical sparks. Though cell service was limited, the times 911 was called the lines were tied and professional rescue squads were far. A woman at the front of our subdivision was having twins and had to be air lifted out of Bellevue because all highways and roads leading into our neighborhood were flooded and the roads were buckled.  It is funny to me how much material possessions mean nothing in times of turmoil. The constant response to the question, “What needs to get out of the first?” was “Pictures”. Family memories and proof of change are the only things that victims wanted. I did not hear one, “Get the plasma out of the living room!” or “Save the Macintosh.” What breaks my heart even more is the lack of humility in this situation. Yes, Nashville we can twitter update about the flood all day long or we can write clever songs to get youtube famous. I admire Seth Jones who took down his youtube pleasure after seeing comments that diminished the real devastation of the flood. 

A friend of mine, Darius Fitzgerald has captured some images of the flood that are quite heartbreaking. These photos will be displayed in the following blog.

 How is a community supposed to operate with such devastation in Nashville? We should take immediate action. In a city that craves to be on the battle lines, why is there such a hesitation to go out to the mission field in our front yards. The first thing I hear from flood victims is the question, “What do we do next? What are the steps we need to be taking?”  Here are some answers.  HOPEpark Church is offering relief and teams to go into “flood houses” and begin to small take steps of rebuilding. 

If you were not personally affected by the flood…. take action anyway. There are many teams forming. If you are unable to perform manual labor your funds will help out our beloved Nashville. 

This flood is more then just twitter update worthy. This is a time to use our musical gifts to change this situation. Many artists are holding benefit shows to help fund relief efforts. These shows are listed here. I will try and post more photos tonight to help those who are not personally involved get a better grip of what is going on. 

In a world of misfortune and fame, music continues to be the ultimate universal medicine for a broken heart, a weary mind, and a downcast disposotion. The lyrcis of songs and the sounds of melodies walk with the world as the pressures of tomorrow fade into the disgraces of yesterday. The musical kingdom of the good and true can change this community filled with mangled houses and subjective opinions. This is a call to action, Nashville.